Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt news: Is Brad a chubby, chocolate eating couch potato?

On Nov. 20, 2012, Gossip Cop responded to an article by OK! magazine indicating Angelina Jolie was distraught that partner Brad Pitt has become a chubby, chocolate-eating couch potato. According to the report, the once svelte, Robert Redford doppelganger has developed an affinity for Cadbury chocolates, and enjoys watching television for hours on end while chugging beer. These behaviors, OK! reports, have caused Jolie to issue an ultimatum; shape up or she’ll ship out! Though OK! quotes an anonymous source who is reportedly close to the couple, Gossip Cop finds no credibility in the report.

Is Angelina Jolie Using Shame to Shape Up Brad?

The tabloid makes some ludicrous claims that Angelina Jolie is using a shaming strategy to get Brad Pitt to shape up. According to the report, Jolie physically grabs Pitt’s potbelly and love handles as a way to humiliate him into wanting to look good.

“In recent months he’s been putting on a few extra pounds. Angie is trying to shame Brad into getting back in shape by grabbing his love handles and laughing at his pot belly,” the report stated.

Do you find the story credible? Can you picture Jolie treating Pitt in such a manner, or do you suspect this is a false account? While Jolie’s and Pitt’s private life is kept from public view, photos and videos of the couple interacting make it hard to fathom Jolie would treat Pitt in such a manner.

Jolie is repeatedly seen stroking Pitt’s hair, touching his face, whispering in his ear and displaying a wide array of affection to her partner of 7 years. It’s hard to imagine that Jolie uses humiliation as a way to get Pitt to go on a diet and fitness regime.

Brad Pitt Currently Filming; How does that Fit into Couch Potato Theory?

Maybe one of the most telling signs there are problems with the report is that Brad Pitt is currently in production for two films. The Academy Award nominated actor recently wrapped up production for “World War Z” and is currently filming “Twelve Years a Slave” and “The Counselor.” The fact that Pitt is still working, therefore leaving a video documentary of his weight and size, makes it even more doubtful that claims he is eating Cadbury chocolate and turning into an oversized couch potato are true.

The report stated, “He’ll slouch in front of the TV for two or three hours at a time, only getting up to make himself sandwiches. And more often than not, he’ll wash it down with a couple of beers.”

Continuing, the report said that Jolie has given Pitt an ultimatum and she wants him to start by losing 10 pounds.

Again, this sounds unlikely because Pitt is currently under contract and making two films. As he is currently in character, the idea of him gaining or losing weight that is not related to a film role is doubtful.

What do you think of the report as well as tabloid obsessions with Angelina Jolie’s and now, Brad Pitt’s weight?