Baby 2 for Hinze


    KRISTY Hinze-Clark has announced her second pregnancy, telling close friends before sharing her news via her social media platforms.

    Hinze-Clark posted a sonogram of the baby she and husband Jim Clark are expecting to arrive in September.

    “Jim and I are extremely excited and so happy to be giving Dylan a sibling,” Hinze-Clark said in a happy note to her friends.

    Hinze-Clark and her Texan born husband already have a two-and-a-half year-old daughter.

    Over the last few years Hinze-Clark, 34, has also become quite the ecowarrior, taking up many issues with an environmental cause.

    Clark, a computer scientist and Silicon Valley notable founded Netscape, is described as one of the founding fathers of 3-dimensional computer images.

    The Clark family live in of Florida and have been talking about a potential move to the west of coast of the United States, to be a bit closer to the Hinze family.

    Clark and Hinze married in 2009 on the British Virgin Island of Virgin Gordon in a four-day celebration which included a pre-wedding party on Richard Branson’s Necker Island with guests such as Naomi Watts, Ed Norton and director Bennett Miller.

    Hinze has never let celebrity, fortune or fame go to her  head, always sticking by the friends and the family she adores.

    Many of those same friends and family will travel to the Dominican Republic next month to celebrate Clark’s 70th birthday – with much golf-playing involved – but as Hinze assured friends this morning: “I will be the sober one at the party!”

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