Bingle Kicked Worthington Charged

Lara Bingle Sam Worthington

A scuffle broke out at 5.30pm at Cubbyhole bar in Greenwich village in New York after a photographer allegedly kicked Lara Bingle.

Worthington has been charged with assault after punching a photographer in the face after the paparazzi kicked his girlfriend.

“This is correct,” New York Police Department Lieutenant John Grimpel told the Daily Telegraph.

“It happened at 5.30pm this evening.

“The photographer kicked Lara and then Worthington punched him causing the photographer to have lacerations to his nose.

“He has been charged with assault. He punched the photographer.

“Worthington was charged, has been released on bail but will appear in court at a later date.

“He was given a desk appearance ticket which mean he has to go back to court at a later date.”

The photographer was also arrested and charged.

“The photographer was also arrested and charged with assault, reckless endangerment and harassment.”

Source: Daily Telegraph